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Listen to previews of the album tracks below, which are all available to download from iTunes.


Bout Time… so what’s it all about and why this title.

Well, it’s quite simple really, when the band I played in whilst living “down South” disbanded, I decided that my playing days weren’t over and that I’d look for a Home Studio to keep me entertained.

After looking at various options, I settled on a Zoom HD16 Digital Hard Drive Recording set up with a pair of Yamaha powered monitors. Nothing too flash and enough for my basic and limited knowledge of such things.

Looking at my back catalogue of songs that I’d written, I thought I’ll start recording and see what happens.

It was a very slow process as “me time” is something I’m very short of, but, I was determined to get to “first base” with one completed song to see how it sounded.

Music is of course a very personal thing and what’s great to one is “crap” to another, no drama, it’s the way it is. With my first “full song” on the Zoom I felt that it sounded quite good and although nowhere near perfect, represented the early days of my recording all of the song parts and mixing etc. and finishing up with a CD popping out at the end of the process. The first “full recorded song” is Shut My Eyes and this appears as track 8 on the album. John Mendoza a good friend of mine from “way back when” co-wrote the lyrics with me, and the song stems from one of his mates that died on the Windsor relief road on a Scooter (I think I recall that correctly) many years ago. A sad tale for sure…

I’ve had a huge amount of fun (and frustration) learning how to piece everything together and playing all of the parts. The drums tracks are pulled in from the “drum pool” and then the Bass, rhythm guitar and lead guitar parts are then recorded and mixed to an end result. I’ve still much to learn but hey, all good…

This is where the “Bedroom Rock” theme comes in, i.e. not multimillion pound recording studios but to try and demonstrate that “a reasonable sound” can be achieved with some effort and the finished result can be very pleasing, personal view again of course…!

Some of the songs were actually written as far back as 1984 and an example of this is “Leaving Home” track 6 on the album. This track is about as basic as it gets, but again for me, actually sounds “okay” and has a kind of 60’s driving beat with a clean sounding guitar. For those “guitar folk” types, this was recorded on my Japanese Tokai Telecaster and can be seen in the gallery for anyone that is really that interested… 🙂

You said you’d love me (track 2) is another 1984 “classic” Hmmm… can’t you tell…?!

I could go on for hours and probably will but I’d sooner put some joy back in this Town called…. Hmmm…

I could go on for hours but won’t, and hope that the above explains a little about how the album was born and why it’s title has come about, i.e. after 30 years + of songs it really was “Bout Time” I got my “crap together” and released something from the personal archive.

I’ve now got the bit between my teeth and have already started “Bout Time 2” and with the wind in the right direction, hope to have this available at the back end of the autumn 2017. We shall see…

Until then, I hope you enjoy the first instalment should you decided to “give it a whirl” and please remember, it’s Bedroom Rock and recorded on something that requires little outlay in the grand scheme of things but has delivered much personal pleasure. I subsequently thought it felt time to share it with anyone crazy enough to want to listen.