Boneybeats | I'm Mike Smallbone & this is Bedroom Rock
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Bedroom Rock


Recording your own song is simpler than you think…!


what is it?

Just an idea really, a concept based around recording your own song and making it available to the world via the various online channels.


what should I use?

Up to you, a small hard drive based digital recording studio, like a Zoom, Boss etc. a PC with the relevant software or simply use an “App” like GarageBand.


Do i have to be “great” at music to do this?

Absolutely not, my skills are limited, I’ve never been able to read music and know very little about scales and all the “techy stuff”.


What am I up to next?

  • Unfortunately and basically down to lack of time, “Bout Time 2” will not be ready for a December 2017 release as originally planned, the good news is though, outside of mixing the finished

  • Bout Time 2, the follow up, is well underway but the target release date of December 2017 is approaching too fast...

  • Bout Time 2 is now very much underway and Eric is fully engaged with recording the vocals. The first song being worked on is an old Time at...